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•  A long, long time ago (2001 to be exact) I met some of my best friends online, via a message board.  A JOEY MCINTYRE message board.  Crazy right???  Gianina was one of those fantastic people I met due to that messageboard.  Like any good fan, I friended the girl that managed the board.  Ha!  Seriously though, from the moment we met in real life (at Canobie Lake Park of all places) I knew that she was a kindred spirit.

•  I have to tell you how Gianina and her hubby Tim met, which I think is quite awesome of a story.  I’m such a sap!  Tim was a DJ in the Boston area and Gianina used to call in – FROM AUSTRALIA – to request New Kids on the Block songs to be played.  Eventually they started talking off the air and their relationship progressed and they fell in love!  Gianina moved to the USA and married Tim and the rest is history!

•  I love her accent.  I’m a sucker for accents.

•  Gianina and Tim have two adorable little guys, Aidan and Cameron.  Let me tell you, they are a HOOT.  I love Facebook and Twitter for the simple fact that I get to hear their cute little quips and see them grow up through pictures online.  Until October, I hadn’t had the pleasure of meeting them in person but I felt like I knew them both already due to the magic of social networking.  Cameron is a total love and big on hugs!  Aidan is hilariously funny and such a ham.  While I loved taking pictures of them, I loved getting to know them even more.  I’m sad I can’t see them on a daily basis!

•  Following this quick little session, we headed out to do something that Gianina and I BOTH love – see covered bridges (we seriously are kindred spirits!)!!!!  Kate and another friend Kristen came along for the adventure and we had a blast and those pictures are coming up next!

Aidan was running around and having a grand time!


Cameron was having fun with his remote control car.


Cameron has such a sweet smile!


Gianina really wanted pictures of the kids and wasn’t worried (or didn’t necessarily want) a family portrait.  However, one beautiful thing about taking pictures of friends is that you can order them around and be a bit more demanding than you are with regular clients… so I made her and Tim sit with the kiddos and get a nice relaxed family portrait.  I’m glad I did because it is one of my favorite family portraits ever!  You guys are too awesome 🙂


Aidan was standing by this tree like this – when it comes time for senior pictures, I already know he’s got this pose down pat!


I’ll admit, I almost jumped in the leaves and played too, it just looked like so much fun!


I used to LOVE doing this with pretty much any adult that would play with me when I was a kid!  Anyone else??


Gianina, I heart your family.  You guys are seriously wonderful!  I can’t wait to see you all again!!!! xoxo

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  • GianinaJanuary 19, 2011 - 7:55 AM

    we cannot thank you enough for these amazing memories!!!!! You are the best!!! We “heart” you too and welcome you into our home at any time!!!! 🙂 xxxxxxReplyCancel

    • Corey AnnJanuary 20, 2011 - 6:49 PM

      I may have to take you up on that offer and soon!!! xoxoReplyCancel

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