Destination Wedding | Van + Jonathon | Cozumel, Mexico

•  This is the final wedding of 2010 and what a way to end the year!  I cannot imagine a better place to be the week before Christmas than on the oceanfront in Cozumel, Mexico.

•  The week before the wedding Cozumel experienced record setting low temperatures and lots of rain.  Luckily for us by the day of the wedding the weather had cleared up and it was absolutely perfect weather!

•  I cannot express just how fantastic this group of people was.  Everyone was SO friendly and warm and crazy awesome.  Every time we saw anyone from the wedding group (around 50 people came from all over the country!) they were super sweet to us.

•  Van and Jonathon have been dating since MIDDLE SCHOOL!  I LOVE that!!!  It’s so fun when couples have been together that long because the families are already blended in a way and there’s none of that odd “we don’t know these people” feelings going around.  All of their friends are mutual friends – very few are HIS or HERS which was also great!

•  Van was seriously a cool cat.  Despite some drama the day of the wedding, she kept her cool and let EVERYTHING roll off her back.  She let other people handle anything that went amuck and just enjoyed the day.

•  Jonathon was also a great guy.  He was able to handle everything with ease and kept his smiles the entire day.  I cannot rave enough about how lovely this couple was.


Ceremony, Reception, Cake & Catering: Park Royal Cozumel Mexico
Wedding Coordinator: Excursions Events Etc.

ring shot outside in cozumel mexico

I got to start the day off with the rings, not a bad way to start!


seychelle shoes for wedding

Her shoes were pretty fun and also neat to play with!


blue j crew bridesmaid dresses and bridal gown hanging up inside the park royal in mexico

I loved the bridesmaid dresses!


bride getting her makeup done at the park royal in cozumel mexico

Van getting her makeup done.


bride getting ready with moms helping

I love this getting ready image SO much.  It kind of encapsulates how crazy this part of the day can be for brides.


groomsman toasting before ceremony

The guys all had a toast before the ceremony started.


groom walking towards the altar at the park royal in cozumel mexico

Jonathon making his walk to the altar.


brides brother hugging groom during the ceremony

Van’s father died a while ago so her older brother took over his role and it was only appropriate that he walk her down the aisle.  It was quite an emotional moment and everyone was in tears.


bride crying during ceremony at the park royal in cozumel mexico

Such a beautiful moment 🙂


ceremony taking place at the park royal in cozumel mexico

Hubs was able to get this great scene setting shot.  I’m in it but I’m not too upset about it since it’s such a neat shot.


bride holding the vows during the ceremony

They wrote their own vows and I LOVED it!!


bride wiping off lipstick from the groom's mouth

I love this!  Van had on dark lipstick and after the kiss it “stuck” so she wiped it off, so darn cute.


guests at the park royal in cozumel mexico

Group hug!


bride and groom at the park royal in cozumel mexico

Yay couple picture times!!!


bride and groom profile at the park royal in cozumel mexico

They were not used to having the attention on them but they still did great!


bridal party on the beach at the park royal in cozumel mexico

We didn’t have much time before the sun completely set so we did a quick shot on the beach before making our way back toward the main part of the resort where their dinner was held.


bridesmaids wearing blue and bride at the park royal in cozumel mexico

The girls looked so pretty and I loved how the colors of the flowers popped off the blue dresses.


groomsman and groom at the park royal in cozumel mexico

The guys looked pretty great as well and I loved the sweater vests.


bride and groom posing at the park royal in cozumel mexico

They are just so cute and fun!


bride and groom on the balcony at the park royal in cozumel mexico with the view of the ocean behind them

The view from the 9th floor balcony… not bad!


guest shaking a maraca

Instead of hitting silverware against the glasses for the bride and groom to kiss they had maracas for the guests to shake, very festive and fun!


groom with cake on his face

After dinner everyone went to the reception area near the infinity pool by the ocean and Van and Jonathon cut the cake… and made a smidge of a mess!  Yay!


groomsman giving a toast from an iphone

I loved that almost all of the toasts were read off of an ipod/iphone.


bride and groom first dance at the park royal in cozumel mexico

They had a choreographed first dance to Lucky by Jason Mraz, it was quite lovely!


bride and groom dancing to lucky by jason mraz


bride dancing with her uncle

A lot of Van’s relatives made it down and she made sure to share a special moment with all of them at the reception.


bride laughing while dancing at the park royal in cozumel mexico

There were LOTS of laughs!


reception location at the park royal in cozumel mexico

A wide view of what the reception area looked like.  I loved the zero entry pool… I dunked my feet in a couple times to cool off!


group laughing at the reception

I think everyone had a great time!!!


groom and brother of bride hugging at reception

Van’s brother gives Jonathon a huge hug at the end of the night.


I can’t thank you both enough for having me come to your wedding.  I had a wonderful time and enjoyed  being able to get to know you both during our stay!


Stay tuned for pictures from the resort and some from the rehearsal (yeah yeah, I’m going backwards a bit!).

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