Last week Chris and I went to Maine, just for fun, for a few days.  I had a small break before the “stretch” starts this year (weeks without breaks in weddings) so I thought it’d be fun to take a quick trip somewhere that I loved and wanted to share with my husband that didn’t get to go last time I was in Maine.  I fell in love with the state quickly and have been eager to return since then.  Good timing and a sale on The Cottages at Cabot Cove on Jetsetter convinced me it was time to go again.

Our flight out though was pure hell.  I am usually pretty hard to anger during travel but it always seems that US Airways is the one to make me loose my shit when it is lost.  Long story short, they closed the gate to our flight about 15 minutes early (instead of the standard 10) and when trying to get on the next flight out the CS person was ANYTHING but nice (and I was still being nice at this point).  I forgot how absolutely horrid their service is and it will be a long, long time before I fly with them again.  We finally made it out of Philly after 7 hours of a layover… it was a long day.  Thankfully going back it wasn’t quite as bad but there were still a lot of snafus.  This is why when I travel for weddings I always have at least a day buffer because things go wrong when flying and I never want to be late for an important event because of it.

For the next few days though we traveled along the coast and I took dozens of pictures of lighthouses.  Of course, we were fogged out one day but it is what it is!  It was still a nice relaxing trip and I look forward to seeing the state again in the fall when a couple friends and I head off to PEI (I am RIDICULOUSLY excited) in October.

Marshall Point Lighthouse in Port Clyde Maine

Does this lighthouse look familiar?

Think for a moment… if you are mentally saying “run Forrest run!” in your head, you get a cupcake.  This lighthouse was one of the “ends” of the US that Forrest runs to in Forrest Gump.

The name is Marshall Point Lighthouse and it’s in Port Clyde, Maine.

Yes, the fog was this insane… ALL DAY!  There ended up being two lighthouses that were just off the coast that we couldn’t see due to the fog that hugged the coast allllll day.  It was insane.  There is ocean right at this lighthouse but we couldn’t even SEE it!

Pemaquid Point Lighthouse in Maine

Does this lighthouse look familiar?  It should if you’ve ever got a Maine quarter in the past – it’s the lighthouse featured on the state’s quarter!

Doubling Point Lighthouse in Arrowsic Maine

Doubling Point lighthouse in Arrowsic, Maine.  There’s no reason most people should know this lighthouse!

Doubling Point Lighthouse in Arrowsic Maine

This is the front range lighthouse of the Doubling Point Range Lights in Arrowsic, Maine.

Doubling Point Lighthouse in Arrowsic Maine

This is the path to the rear range light.  The “range” lights line up so that shops can be guided into the harbor without hitting rocks.  They are quite popular in Prince Edward Island but not as much here in the states.

Cape Neddick nubble Light in York, Maine

I’ve been here before but since it’s one of my favorite lighthouse views I drug the hubs back to see it again.

Cape Neddick nubble Light in York, Maine

I handed the camera over to Chris and got another picture at this lighthouse of myself I do not hate!  Score!

Portsmouth Harbor Lighthouse in New Castle New Hampshire

Portsmouth Harbor Light was an unexpected gorgeous light!  It wasn’t easy to get photographs of this one as it’s located on Coast Guard property and you are only allowed in Fort Constitution but I climbed out on some rocks in the water and was able to get this lovely shot.

Whaleback Light in Kittery Maine

One of the lovely things about Fort Constitution is that there are views of another lighthouse nearby, Whaleback Light.  It’s hard to imagine being a keeper here in the 1800’s and living on this little bit of rock!

Fort Constitution in New Castle New Hampshire

Isn’t this gate to the fort amazing?!

Beach in Kennebunkport Maine

On the way back to the cottage we drove by the beaches of Kennebunkport and the rain was just starting to move in and the skies were amazing!

Float In Cottage at The Cottages at Cabot Cove

This was our “home” for the week – the “Float In” cottage at The Cottages at Cabot Cove.  Loved!

Portland Head Lighthouse

This lighthouse I just barely missed seeing last year and I’m so glad this year Portland Head Light was able to be added to the “seen” list!

Ram Island Ledge Light in Maine

Another lighthouse that can be distantly seen from another’s location, here is Ram Island Ledge Light.

Portland Maine

I loved this view of Portland from the next lighthouse, so gorgeous!

Portland Breakwater "Bug" Light in Portland Maine

This lighthouse is adorable and the grecian columns remind me so much of what you see in plantations!  It’s a shame some jerk decided to spray paint it.  🙁

Spring Point Ledge Light in Portland Maine

I took a photo of Spring Point Ledge Light on the last trip but it was in the dark so I figured I’d stop by to get a daylight shot of it!

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