Secrest Arboretum and Quailcrest Farm Wedding with Emma and Cory

Secrest Arboretum Wedding in May

About two months ago I started this blog post fully intending to have it go live long before their first anniversary.  Then my brother in law had a medical issue and open heart surgery during a pandemic and well, it’s been a helluva spring.  I took a bit of a step back from the ‘busy work’ of my job to handle all of the fun things that happen when a pandemic hits just as wedding season gets underway.  So I’m back, my BIL is doing great and I’ve got a pretty good system on handling 2020 couples that are wanting to shift dates.  Whew!  So, let’s fly back to a year ago today.  When it wasn’t SNOWING like it is right now as I type this.

Emma and Cory got married on a STUNNING spring day at Secrest Arboretum.  I hadn’t been there since Amber and Andrew got married there long before the tornado (and got to smoosh in a quick maternity session with them after this wedding there, so perfect).  The flowers were all blooming, it was warm and SO sunny.  They’ve made so many beautiful changes to the arboretum since my last visit and the area where they hold wedding ceremonies is absolutely stunning!

I can’t believe it took over 10 years to get there but Cory was the FIRST Cory I’ve had as a client!  Later in 2019 I had another Cory (and will have another one this year) so it seems that the Corey/Cory draught is finally over!  LOL!

One thing I really loved about Emma and Cory’s wedding is that it was a simple but lovely wedding.  While they did have a reception, it wasn’t full of formalities and instead was a casual afternoon with loved ones and great food.  The guests all seemed to enjoy themselves – especially all the kiddos who had a blast running around together.  The younger ones stayed inside at Quailcrest Farm while the older kids were outside playing with the games set up and running in the fields nearby.  It was the most perfect Ohio wedding!

Thank you both so much for trusting me to capture your wedding day!  I hope that your first anniversary is a wonderful day!

Cake: Cake Wasted / Catering: Buehler’s / Ceremony: Secrest Arboretum / Florist: Wooster Floral & Gifts / Reception: Quailcrest Farm


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On Coronavirus / Covid19

Winter wedding in North Canton Ohio

What a year.

It seems like a million years ago when I photographed my last wedding where the above photo was taken in North Canton – but it was barely over a month ago on February 22nd.  My birthday is on the 21st and my husband and I keep saying that my birthday seems to be the last time life was normal.

I hope that you are doing OK and are safe.

I’ve had a lot of conversations over the past few weeks with my clients so I thought I’d write down some things in a blog post so it’s easy for everyone to find and read when they’re ready to.


For clients currently booked though the end of June 2020:

All of my booked weddings through the Stay at Home order (May 1st in Ohio) have been rescheduled for dates later in the year and into next year.  A few dates outside of the orders have also opted to reschedule to dates further out to be safe.  I have uploaded my bookings to a Google Calendar if you want to keep an eye on it for when/if you have to start thinking about moving your wedding date.  Once you reach out with potential dates I will make a note of it in my personal calendar.

If/when you need to move dates there is no fees.  I will update the paperwork on my end and it’s pretty seamless.

If I am NOT available for your new date there are a few options we can look at including booking an associate photographer of mine for your date so you still have my style of editing and work but it will be someone I trust and have worked with photographing you on the day of your wedding.


For clients booked through 2021:

I am closely monitoring the situation and if you’re outside of the date range above and are still concerned feel free to reach out!  I understand that some outside of the current ‘critical’ dates may want to move to be safe or due to work concerns.  I’m happy to chat and see what we can do to make sure you’re happy.


For clients waiting for engagement sessions/portrait sessions:

I am following the Stay at Home orders and do not consider my business an essential business.  From the guidelines I have received I AM allowed to photograph a small wedding during the orders (so long as it 10 or less people) but any other session is not essential at this time.

Engagement and portrait sessions will be postponed until the Stay at Home order is lifted.  If your engagement session ends up not being able to be completed before your wedding we can look at applying the credit to your balance or various other options to make sure you get the value for the session applied to your wedding in another way.

I am NOT doing front porch or social distancing sessions as I feel that they go against the spirit of the Stay at Home order.  The quicker we all stay at home, the quicker we will all see each other again!


For past clients/weddings:

I suspended sending out products at the beginning of March to lessen the chance of spreading the virus.  My brother in law had a medical emergency and we spent the first weeks of March in and out of the hospital visiting and helping him.  To be safe I opted to self-isolate well before the stay at home order in case I was an asymptomatic carrier.  This included suspending sending out flash drives and products to my clients from my home juuuust in case.

If you are waiting on a flash drive I have it and will send as soon as the stay at home order is lifted just to be safe!  I believe everyone has the ability to download online but if you do not have access to your gallery or have forgot your password please reach out and I’ll get it set up so you can download your files online.

My print and album companies have both shut down during the stay at home order as they are not essential businesses in the states they are both located in.  Once the order is lifted all orders will be sent out.


I will update this as needed but until then stay safe, stay healthy and in the famous words of Queen Elizabeth, “We should take comfort that while we may have more still to endure, better days will return. We will be with our friends again. We will be with our families again. We will meet again.”



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Everett Covered Bridge Engagement Session with Gretchen and Dan

Everett Covered Bridge Engagement Session

I’m skipping a bit ahead on my blogging queue to get to this gorgeous engagement session from last summer because they are getting married today!  Let me tell you, I was nervous because February can bring ANYTHING when it comes to weather but it is sunny today and beautiful (for Ohio in February).  YAY!

Gretchen and Dan’s engagement session was SUCH a gorgeous evening in August!  The light was golden, it wasn’t humid and it was a quiet night at Everett Road Covered Bridge in CVNP.  They were so easy going and fun!!  I had a great evening and am SO looking forward to spending their wedding day with them today.

Oh, I’m also OBSESSED with Gretchen’s dress from this session!!!


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