Bittersweet Farm Destination Wedding with Kristen and Nakia

For my first wedding on 2016 I headed off to Massachusetts to photograph my friend Kristen’s wedding at Bittersweet Farm in Westport.   Kristen and I have been friends ever since we ‘met’ on a Joe McIntyre BBS 15 years ago (we met in real life about a month or two after starting to chat on the BBS).   I have met some of my best friends through that message board and it’s really amazing how much that little internet home has impacted not only my life but others as well.  If it hadn’t been for that message board, I wouldn’t know Kristen and Kristen wouldn’t know another fan and friend we made through the board, Susan and Susan wouldn’t have introduced Kristen and her friend from college Nakia.  So all because of one little BBS that a New Kid created to promote his new CD, not only have people met and become life long friends but people have met their soul mates as well.  It’s pretty crazy and awesome when you think about it!!

I was so excited that I was able to capture Kristen and Nakia’s wedding day.  While there was no snow it was still a beautifully crisp winter day and the sun came out in bits and created a warm glow on the whole day.  They were married in a small ante room at Bittersweet Farms and it was one of my favorite ceremonies ever with all of the lovely touches they added to make the ceremony their own.  They continued on to the reception where they danced and laughed the night away.  In the 15 years I’ve known Kristen, I’ve never seen her smile so much or have so much light in her eyes.  Thank you, Nakia, for loving my dear friend so much and for being such a light in her life. Thank you both for trusting me with your wedding pictures.  I’m so glad that I was able to be there with you both!

Since I was also a guest I got a special treat with this awesome welcome bag that Kristen and Nakia gave their guests staying at the hotel!  I am now obsessed with the Mott’s Fruit Snacks BTW.  YUM!

welcome bag for wedding guests

The morning of the wedding was the usual chaos but everything worked out.  Here Kristen is getting her makeup done while her groomsman Eddie worked on trying to get her niece’s starter earrings out so she could wear the earrings that matched her flower girl dress.

bride getting ready in dartmouth ma

After a few tears Kristen proved to have the magic touch and was able to get Nola’s earrings out without much fuss!

bride helping niece with earrings

I’ve always found that these small things help ease the stress of the wedding day.  While Kristen was working on Nola’s ears, Nakia was in the other room taking her turn getting made up for the wedding day.

bride getting makeup put on before wedding

We all rode over to Bittersweet Farms and by that point the rain had stopped and the skies were a brilliant blue!  Right behind the Bittersweet Farm sign is where Kristen and Nakia got married!

bittersweet farm wedding venue in westport ma

Nakia first walked down the aisle in her gorgeous cream suit.

bride walking up the aisle in westport ma

I love Nakia’s smile when she saw Kristen walking towards her!

bride seeing bride for the first time as she walks up the aisle

Kristen and her Dad made their way slowly up the aisle and it was perfect.

bride being escorted up the aisle by her father at bittersweet farm

Their ceremony was so lovely and heartfelt.

lesbian wedding ceremony at bittersweet farm in westport ma

They are married!  YAY!

wedding ceremony in massachusetts

I think my favorite moment from the whole wedding ceremony may be their processional, which was set to the Cantina music from Star Wars.  While at this point I had not watched Star Wars (I watched it while editing their wedding) I even knew the music and it’s so happy and upbeat = PERFECT for a wedding processional!

wedding processional with the cantina music from star wars

Todd and Eddie skipped down the aisle in beat to the music and I am so happy that I captured them in mid air!

groomsman skipping down the aisle

One thing that I really loved was that this bridal party wasn’t really a her side or her side thing.  Everyone is friends and everyone loves both Kristen and Nakia.

wedding party portrait in westport ma

After some cajoling I got these two newlyweds outside for some portraits before they made their entrance.

lesbian wedding at bittersweet farm in westport

This tree was lit up beautifully which gave the portraits some depth despite it being dark out – one of the downsides to an early January wedding.

two brides kissing after wedding ceremony in masachusetts

Giggles are my favorite!

brides giggling after wedding ceremony

I’ve been helping Kristen with her wedding planning for what seems like years and it was so fun to see it all finally come together!!  I loved the pine centerpieces and how each one was just a bit different from the other table!  I also LOVED her table numbers!  How cute are they?

blue and white winter themed centerpieces

For their favors they had a sweet note at each seat with a baggie letting people know there was a table with treats they could take home.

wedding treats note for favors at wedding reception

Behold!  The treat table of amazing goodness!

winter wedding dessert buffet

Kristen’s sister and Matron of Honor made all of this!!

blue and white wedding dessert station

While I didn’t get a chance to try it all, the few things I did try were unbelievably amazing.  The pretzels were what I was able to nab and let me tell you, they were the best chocolate covered pretzels I’ve ever had.  YUM!

chocolate covered treats in blue and white at wedding reception

How perfect are these oreos?

chocolate covered oreo wedding favors in blue and white

Kristen’s sister is amazing, that is all.

blue and white snowflake chocolate treats at winter wedding reception

It was finally time for the entrance which concluded with a huge group hug with the bridal party!

bridal party group hug at wedding reception entrance

They then went into their first dance which was sweet and perfect.

brides first dance at wedding reception at bittersweet farms

Their song was a longer one which enabled me to capture everyone watching them, like Eddie and Todd in this picture.

wedding reception at bittersweet farms in westport ma

It also gave me time to run upstairs and capture the scene from above.  I love how the Bittersweet Farm wedding venue has two levels which allows for photos like this!

winter wedding reception at bittersweet farms

During some downtime after their dinner (which was breakfast for dinner, YUM!) I played with their rings.  Thank you to Eddie for helping me with my light!

winter themed wedding ring image

How fun is their wedding cake?  I loved that she combined the blue ombre with a cascade of snowflakes.  It fit their theme perfectly!

blue ombre snowflake wedding cake

The cake cutting was perfect, thankfully there was no cake smash!

cake cutting at wedding reception in massachusetts

I may have made them kiss afterwards… like I do with all my couples.

kissing after cake cutting at bittersweet farm wedding reception

One of my favorite things about Kristen’s wedding was how it really felt just like one big family/friends dinner with fancier clothes and a couple brides.  It wasn’t super formal and it really suited them.  Instead of having a formal toast before dinner, people just went up to toast the couple who felt like it at various points in the evening.  Todd was the first to raise a toast to the new couple.

wedding toast at reception in westport mabrides listening to toast at a winter wedding reception in ma

A little bit later Susan, who introduced the couple (and I’ve known and adored for years) took the mic to talk about how these two met and bestow her best wishes for the happy couple.  There were a lot of laughs and a few tears.

giving toast to brides at wedding in mabrides laughing during toast at wedding

The final toast from Nakia’s brother was lovely and perfect.

wedding reception at bittersweet farmsbrides laughing during wedding toasthugs after toast at wedding reception at bittersweet farms

Kristen and her Dad dancing together made me realize it’s possible to shoot and be in focus despite tears streaming down your face.  These are always some of my favorite moments at a wedding and this was no different.

father daughter dance during wedding reception in westport mafather daughter dance at bittersweet farms wedding reception in january

The rest of the night the dance floor was packed, everyone danced and laughed and it was a great day.

active dance floor during wedding reception at bittersweet farms

Much love and many congratulations to you both!

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