Wedding: Sheila + George

•  This was my second of two weddings of the weekend, starting off just 6 hours after I finished Emily & Josh‘s wedding.  Sometimes think my job is easy, ha!  Try doing two weddings in less than 36 hours.  NOT easy!

•  Shelia & George had one of the most unique wedding timelines of any wedding I’ve ever worked, but it also enabled us to have a total of 4 HOURS of shooting time with the bride and groom, so this wedding goes down in the record books as a definite favorite.

•  They trusted me and were game with anything I tossed their way, including at the end of the night when I was done and came screeching back because I saw something that I just had to shoot them with.

•  The groom is a firefighter and we were able to go to his fire department and take pictures with the fire truck.  While this isn’t a first for me, it was a first having the bride and groom put into the bucket and lifted 100 feet into the air!!

•  Their day consisted of a morning ceremony, lunch reception and an evening at a local winery.

•  They even urged me to partake in tasting some of the wine.  While I don’t condone getting drunk on the job, I LOVE wine and did try some with dinner.  I have to say that Jilbert Winery has some amazing wine and I highly encourage you to stop by and try their wine!

•  That is if you LIKE wine, my second shooter Nicole was NOT a fan.

•  If you are like me and am nosy about where people go on honeymoons, they are currently in Italy.  Color me jealous!

Cake:  Costco
Ceremony:  Church at Stony Hill
Evening Reception:  Jilbert Winery
Guitarist:  Rick Iacoboni
Lunch Reception:  Strongsville Ehrnfelt Center
Makeup:  Justine Baker
Salon: Z Salon in Berea

Photo Locations
Location #1:   Coe Lake
Location #2:   Olmsted Falls

We met up with Sheila bright and early at the salon where she started out getting pretty by the talented Justine.


After the salon we went to the church where Sheila got dressed and I fawned over her amazing shoes.  This year the majority of my brides have had colored shoes and I LOVE this trend!


A perfect ceremony!


After the ceremony we went to Coe Lake for some pictures with the bridal party.  Sheila and George had their prom pictures taken here when they were in high school and she wanted to come back to bring it full circle in a way.  Sadly, the weather wouldn’t quite cooperate with this idea.


My assistant took some shots of the guys looking quite dapper in their grey suits.


While I got some shots of the ladies and their amazing selves.  I LOVE this color combination!!  I also ADORED these bridesmaid dresses.  They looked SO comfy!


WEDDING CRASHER ALERT!  Ha ha, just kidding.  It’s my super awesome friend, past client and wedding vendor Heidi from Heidzillas.  Proving that she’s just pretty much awesome, she was working a different wedding in the gazebo (which was just in set up stages) and saw that there was a “large red dot” headed straight our way on the radar and gave my bridal party the heads up so they could get cars and umbrellas handy.   Thanks for looking out for me Heidi!


Not long after Heidi’s warning the skies opened up.  Luckily there wasn’t any lightening or thunder so Sheila and George opted to get a few more pictures in.  Thankfully I have a pro camera which is weather sealed and I was able to continue shooting away, despite the downpour (and looking like a drowned rat!).


Underneath the trees it wasn’t raining so we were able to get some nice portraits without worrying about rain.  We did a few since the weather predictions for the rest of the day were dismal at best.  As my luck would have it, it did rain off and on the rest of the day but we got lucky and were either inside when it happened or driving around it!


After Coe Lake we headed off to the lunch reception where the only formality besides eating was the cutting of the cake.


After the lunch reception, we headed off for more pictures nearby with family and then just the bride and groom.  I loved this little bench tucked away in the trees.


This little girl was in love with the bouquets and kept grabbing them whenever the owner wasn’t looking.  I see a big wedding in her future!


If this isn’t my FAVORITE from the day it’s darn close (it’s so hard to pick!).  They both thought I was a bit off when I asked them to do this but when they saw the result they got what I was going after.  Pretty much from this point on they trusted me no matter what.  Every time I see this image I smile 🙂

Another LOVE… George did this all on his own and I love it!


You got it, I love this one too.


This is the truck that I was telling you about… see that ladder???  They are ON THE TOP!


Sheila is BRAVE.


My assistant got this one of the girls after they were lowered, I think the groom’s sister was just a bit excited to be back on the ground (and to have conquered her fear of going in the bucket).


Pretty awesome location for a bridal party shoot eh?


This is the other photo that is a LOVE from the day.  I adore the lilies that match the yellow from the wedding framing them.  I was SO excited to see this spot and glad the picture in my mind matched what I captured.


Hard to beat this location for the WOW factor!


I LOVE this tree!


The winery was done up really beautifully.


By far one of my favorite ring shots ever at a wedding.  Balancing those suckers was NOT easy!


One of the shots that was important to them was a shot with the luminaries in the picture.  They called it a labor of love as they had friends and family saving the jugs for the luminaries for months!


The final shot of the night that made me go screeching back to them after being done for the night.  I saw the fog rising from the field across from the winery and HAD to incorporate it into a shot.


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