Miss Petra and Miss Carolina

It is amazing how fleeting childhood is, one moment a child is a baby, the next a toddler and all of the sudden they are all grown up.  It seems like only yesterday an almost-two-year-old Petra was my flower girl and now she’s just a hair shy of five, FIVE!  Her sister was just a chubby ball of adorable babyness the last time I saw her and now she’s a walking and talking toddler.  I am always amazed how fast these girls grow in New Orleans!

This shoot was another time that we originally planned on going to Longue Vue but again, it was raining so we went back to City Park for some pictures in the areas that weren’t muddy.  I will forever remember this session as my introduction to red ants in the south.  Unknown to me, when it rains, their anthills get washed away and the ants are harder to spot.  I know that ants sting down there, but I’ve only ever had one bite and never thought much of it.  After a few shots in the grass of Carolina, I started walking towards the sidewalk and realized that my legs were burning/itching.  I looked down and I was literally COVERED from my knees down in red ants – I had walked into a pile of them!!  Luckily Lisa and Kimberly were old hats at getting rid of them quickly (after I had a minor spaz out and kicked my shoes off in my crazy I’m-being-bit-by-ants dance) and I only ended up with a couple dozen bites.  I consider that lucky as there were a LOT more on me!  I had some Benadryl spray on me and that stuff is MAGIC because I never itched or was in pain from the remaining bites and stings after that!  I guess normally they are really painful and itchy.  I highly recommend that stuff to all Southerners to keep on hand for ants!!

Petra and Carolina are the funnest kids.  They have great imaginations and know how to have fun.  Lisa dressed them up in rain gear in case of a downpour and they had a blast splashing in the puddles around City Park.  Petra is still in love with fairies and made sure to catch some while we were near the river.  I hope that’s something she never looses, for the world is a better place with a few fairies in it!  Carolina is still a love and just wants to be like her big sister.

I’m in love with – and a bit jealous of – Petra’s freckles!


Carolina isn’t a baby anymore, but she’s still just as adorable as she was the last time I saw her!


I am quite in love with this shot of Carolina.


However, this shot was the first one to make me go “OOOO!” when editing.  Getting a profile shot of a toddler is not an easy feat.

It was after this shot I got attacked by the red beasts.  I still think this shot was worth it.


Two years before this shot I have pictures of her sister wearing the same rainboots playing in puddles 🙂


What fun!!!  Seriously I wanted to splash around myself!


Doggie!!!!  She saw a dog in the distance and was quite excited!


Petra’s profile is just as stunning as her sisters.  They are gorgeous little girls!


Petra has GORGEOUS hair, just like her Mommy!


Petra’s making a wish on a fairy, I hope it was a good one!

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